Ginseng: Snapshot

Ginseng, of either variety, helps the body better utilize oxygen, spares glycogen utilization, increases cerebral circulation, helps the adrenal glands to better conserve their stores of…

Mistletoe: Snapshot

Mistletoe reduces the heart rate and at the same time strengthens the capillary walls, improves circulation, and relaxes the muscles. Numerous clinical trials have found that…

Corydalis: Snapshot

Corydalis is a Chinese remedy used at least since the 8th century to help “invigorate the blood” and relieve almost any painful condition. It is particularly…

Boswellia: Snapshot

Boswellia is one of the most ancient and respected herbs in ayurvedic healing. Traditionally it was used to treat arthritis, colitis, coughs, sores, snakebites, and asthma.…

Nettle: Snapshot

Nettle improves the body’s resistance to pollens, molds, and environmental pollutants. It stabilises mast cell walls, which stops the cycle of mucous membrane hyperactivity, and it…

Ginger: Snapshot

Ginger has been found to be even more effective than Dramamine in curbing motion sickness, without causing drowsiness. As a digestive aid, it warms the digestive…

Dandelion: Snapshot

Dandelion root is one of the most effective detoxifying herbs. Working principally on the liver and gallbladder to help remove waste products, it also stimulates the…

Baical Skullcap: Snapshot

In Chinese medicine, Baical Skullcap is prescribed for hot and thirsty conditions such as high fevers, coughs with thick yellow phlegm, and gastrointestinal infections that cause…

Burdock: Snapshot

As an anti-inflammatory demulcent agent, burdock root soothes and clears internal heat. It improves the elimination of metabolic wastes through the liver, lymph, large intestines, lungs,…

Adhatoda: Snapshot

The bitter-tasting Adhatoda is a traditional Ayurvedic remedy for chest problems. Because of its expectorant qualities, it’s useful for bronchitis, tuberculosis and other chest conditions. The…

Rhodiola: Snapshot

Rhodiola is a phenomenal adaptogen. It adapts the body to endure physical and mental stress with the added benefit of increasing well-being. Tested on students, soldiers and professions requiring high-performance, Rhodiola is at the peak of choices for recovery and stamina.

Hawthorn: Snapshot

Hawthorn is used mainly for heart and circulatory disorders, in particular for angina. Western herbalists consider it literally to be a “food for the heart,” increasing blood flow to the heart muscles and restoring normal heartbeat. Recent research has confirmed the validity of these uses.

Muira Puama: Snapshot

Muira puama has long been valued as an aphrodisiac and a tonic for the nervous system. It is soothing and helpful for nervous exhaustion, stress, and trauma, and helps alle­viate symptoms of depression.

Brahmi: Snapshot

Brahmi is the foremost nerve tonic of Ayurveda traditionally used for epilepsy, insanity, and to improve memory and mental capacities. It is also native to Australia.

Feverfew: Snapshot

In small quantities, feverfew is now used as a preventive for migraine. It has to be taken regularly and at the first signs of an attack. It is useful for migraines associated with menstruation and for headaches.

Suma: Snapshot

In North American herbal medicine, suma root is used as an adaptogenic and regenerative tonic regulating many systems of the body; as an immunostimulant; to manage…

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