Jiaogulan (jow-goo-lawn) has such a long list of rejuvenating properties that in China they call it the ‘immortality’ herb. It is in a class of herbs called ‘adaptogens’ that help the body without causing any harm or imbalance. Jiaogulan is especially helpful in building the body’s natural resistance to stress. The fantastic effect jiaogulan has on cardiovascular health has earned it the title of “the herbal heart defender”.

Botanical Name

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Part Used


Common Names

Gospel herb, kao ku lan, sweet tea vine, amachazuru (Japanese)

Brief History

Gynostemma pentaphyllum

Sweet Tea Vine has traditionally been grown in the remote mountainous regions in China, where the inhabitants enjoy longevity and low rates of cancer. In ancient times, it was consumed as a source of nutrients. Later, this herb became a popular remedy for relieving coughing, phlegm, chronic bronchitis, and toxic conditions. Sweet Tea Vine has often been referred to as the most potent adaptogenic (herbs that increase resistance to stress) Chinese herb and the “Miracle Grass”. Jiao Gu Lan has been recognised in Japan since the late 1970s, and its description and uses are included in the Japanese Colour Encyclopedia of Medicinal Herbs.


More than 80 gypenosides including ginsenoside Rg, compound K, sugar, vitamins, malonic acid, also contains 18 kinds of amino acids and inorganic elements like iron, zinc, copper, manganese, selenium, calcium etc.

Therapeutic Properties

Alterative; Anticholesterolemic; Antispasmodic; Hepatic; Hypoglycaemic; Sedative; Tonic.

Vitalist Properties

Temperature: Cold

Moisture: Moist

Therapeutic Indications

Nervous tension and exhaustion, peptic ulcer, asthma, bronchitis, diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and cancer.

Primary Uses


Scientific research studies in China have shown that jiaogulan decreases cholesterol by improving the liver’s ability to send sugar and carbohydrates to the muscles for conversion to energy instead of turning the sugar into triglycerides which the body stores as fat. It lowers LDL’s (bad cholesterol) while raising HDL’s (good cholesterol). It improves fat metabolism, reduces blood fat levels and depresses lipid peroxide and fat sediment in the blood vessels.
While it is excellent for rectifying high cholesterol and obesity problems, it can also improve and strengthen the digestion, allowing an underweight person to increase absorption of nutrients and gain weight in the form of lean muscle mass. This regulatory effect on bodily functions is the hallmark of an adaptogen.

Adaptogen, Endurance, Immunity.

A study at Guiyang Medical College in China has shown that a jiaogulan recipe increased strength and endurance in the body. Considering the above statements overall, jiaogulan becomes the perfect herb for anyone who wants to improve their competitive edge in any field of athletic performance.

Adaptogenic functions of jiaogulan are demonstrated in its biphasic effects on brain functions, which energise or calm the system depending upon the body’s need. Jiaogulan also aids the regulation of hormonal functions in both men and women. The healthy maintenance of these physiological actions plays a significant role in the body’s ability to cope with stress.

Jiaogulan has also shown its effectiveness, in clinical research studies, in helping the body resist depression of the immune system and other stress-related symptoms. It increases the production of Lymphocytes, Phagocytes and serum IgG, but not to excess.

Dosage (Divided Daily)

Dried Leaf: 6,000 – 15,000mg (Tea)

• Gypenosides: 30 – 150mg

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Jiaogulan Leaf



None known

Side effects

None known

Interactions with other drugs



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